The Other Dakar tells the story of a little girl that receives a message and discovers the hidden face of Dakar.

An homage to Senegalese mythology and a stunning visual debut from Dakar-based artist and designer, Selly Raby Kane, this magical 360° film transports viewers to a place where past and future meet and where artists are the beating heart of the city.

The Other Dakar is part of the New Dimensions initiative which is the first initiative of Electric South, a south african organism working with African storytellers and artists on Virtual Reality, providing funding support and mentorship to them in the development and production of their ideas, and introducing African and international audiences to African-produced VR.

Alien Cartoon expresses a thirst for speculation in the SRK universe and gave birth to the radical eponymous sound project by Ibaaku, experimental senegalese artist.

Alien cartoon music project was creatited originally as a soundtrack for a fashion and art performance, it gradually became an anthem for Senegalese explorative music and has been know touring the world for 3 years.

Elsewhen is a collaborative project centered on a science fiction universe that invites Unconventional trans-african artists to reflect on the theme of the Future through innovative media: Virtual Reality / augmented Reality / Video mapping. This project was launched and presented during 2016 Dakar’s biennale of contemporary arts and gathered artits such as:

Bogosi sekhukhuni, Paul Sika, Jean Luc Gosse, Jim Chu Chu, Blitz the Ambassador, Jeremiah Ojo, Christian Epps, Selly Raby Kane.

ÖVERALLT is a design collaboration across disciplines and continents. Selly Raby Kane is among the 10 African designers from the fields of fashion, sculpture, architecture and furniture design, that have been curated by Design Indaba for IKEA to create a collection inspired by cross African urban rituals.

For the first time in its 21-year history, the 2017 edition of Design Indaba welcomed Selly Raby Kane as External Creative Director. In January 2017, she and her Senegalese team (Bassirou Wade / Mansour Bah) joined the South African team in its offices in Cape Town for a period of three months to create monumental instillations around a theme combining Robotics and trans-African mythology. Design Indaba is the first global design conference and is committed to developing the African design industry by promoting the ingenuity and originality of creative people on the continent.

In addition to the conference, Design Indaba organizes an exhibition and a series of events designed to showcase the best of the talents and products they meticulously select each year.

Inner Cruise is a visual and dreamlike journey of two supernatural beings who criss-cross the city of Dakar in search of meaning. This fashion short film is a collaboration between Belgian director Tom Escarmelle and designer Selly Raby Kane.