17 Rue Jules Ferry

“Cities are built with language.”


Dakar is a blend of conformity underlined by an heritage of cyclic rebellion and transgression. Streets illustrate the city’s internal doubts, oscillating between uniformity and irregular patterns, uniqueness and mimicry, ignorance of the poorest while seeking their contribution to the equilibrium.

This collection expresses a mood that our muses from Laboratoire Agit’art have certainly felt, a need to capture the perpetual motion of the city and to translate its absorption into creation.

17 Jules ferry is the address of a mythical space that gathered what Dakar had best in terms of transgressive creative processes and cross-disciplinary vision, Joe Ouakam’s yard. 17 Jules Ferry is a reminder that the growing uniformity experienced in the city isn’t in Dakar’s essential language.

The 17 rue Jules ferry collection is a metaphor to the city’s contrasts through geometry, through opulence achieved with frugality, praying scarves textiles transformed into sport evening wear, ceremonial material deconstructed then reassembled to tell the stories prompted by the urban Dakar experience.